KHASSEL human apparel is the sheperd’s wardrobe and HipHop. It speaks the universal language of humanity’s cultural roots combined with a contemporary appeal.

The seasons form a circle: becoming and decay, creation and destruction. Therefore, KHASSEL human apparel is made in an organic pace that allows ideas to grow and to change. It’s created with the rhythm of hands, body, mind.

KHASSEL human apparel welcomes the beautiful imperfections of craftsmanship. There is an appreciation of the traces of time and usage. It’s poetic and simple, soft and raw.

KHASSEL human apparel is inspired by the grace of the human body and soul. The design journey leads to clear and seemingly simple shapes of the garments. They offer the body the freedom to move and to ground.

KHASSEL human apparel aims to eliminate any harmfull impact to the environment. Respecting the social and ethical needs of every being involved is an essential part of the process of creation. Which is interconnected with nature and community.


Kristin Hassel | KHASSEL

Kristin Hassel

is a costume designer, interior architect, fashion- and textile designer, stage designer and dance therapist.

She has been working in renowned theatres such as Burgtheater Wien, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Centraltheater Leipzig, Maxim Gorki-Theater Berlin, Admiralspalast Berlin, Staatstheater Nürnberg, Waldbühne Berlin, Schauspiel Magdeburg, Aktionstheater Pan.Optikum Freiburg and Parapanda Theatre Lab  Dar es Salaam / Tanzania.

She lives on a permaculture farm in a beautiful region called Uckermark, in the far north-east of Germany.